the biggest battles require the smallest soldiers

You are Hypercharge, the smartest and strongest of all Action Figures. Hypercharge is a classic-style Third and First-Person Shooter inspired by Toy Story and Small Soldiers. It focuses on Wave-Based Shooting with Defense Building mechanics. You must complete the mission of Sgt. Max Ammo and prevent the HYPER-CORE from being destroyed. Explore. Defend. Survive.

Awesome Game Features

Explore. Defend.Survive

1-4 player Online & Local Co-op  | Split screen support | Full Controller support | Fortify and defend against nasty hordes of weaponised toys | Earn XP, unlock skins, customise your action figure & weapon | Fight on the battlefield in suburban home environments!

Game Modes


Protect the HYPER-CORE with 3 of your friends!

SURVIVE (Coming Soon)

How long can you last against relentless hordes of weaponised toys?


It's plastic vs plastic. Who will reign victorious?

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